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When anything is easy, it becomes very monotonous for me. But, if I can find something that is really going to take all of my body and all of my mind to really even come close to pulling off, that sounds like fun” x x

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Dane DeHaan for Vogue (2013)

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Dane DeHaan, Prada Photoshoot, 2014

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"I remember when I was living in New York and shooting In Treatment, and I was deciding whether or not I was going to move to LA to pursue a film career. I would leaving this community of people that I had formed around myself, and it was a scary thing. And Gabriel Byrne wrote me a letter which said something like, ‘Don’t be afraid to take leaps and fall off cliffs.’ I heeded that advice, and it worked out quite nicely.” - Dane DeHaan for GQ Style UK (2013)

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Prada Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign - Behind Scenes with Dane DeHaan

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